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Model LDx6

Model LDx6 with optional F crook, front viewModel LDx6 with optional F crook, back viewModel LDx6 with optional F crook, horizontal viewStandard water keyF crook for stop valve
Model LDx6 with optional F crook, front view
Model LDx6 with optional F crook, back view
Model LDx6 with optional F crook, horizontal view
Standard water key
F crook for stop valve

The LDx6 is the newest brainchild born of the Lewis & Dürk collaboration. This double Bb/high F descant horn is known for its exceptional response and intonation. The special valve configuration allows the Bb lead pipe to be extra long, enabling a rich and full tone quality throughout the registers. The high F side features a separate mouth pipe that helps align its timbre with that of the Bb horn, making the two sides interact in a homogenous way. Another of the great advantages of this model is the separate slide for tuning the high F side. In addition, an F extension that lengthens the A stop valve is available, making it possible to play the natural tones of the low F horn.



Key:Bb / high F
Pitch:A-440hz. up to 443hz possible
Valves:Solid yellow-brass conical valves with tapered spindles
Lever action:String action, changing and stop valve with Minibal
Valve caps:Nickel silver
Thumb lever:Ergonomically designed
Leadpipe:Standard gold brass with a water key and an engraved mouthpiece receiver collar
Water key:Standard on the leadpipe
Cylindrical crooks:Perfect cylindrical calibration
Slides:The hand-lapped inner and outer slides are made of nickel-silver
Braces:Made from the best solid nickel-silver rods available
Bell diameter:310mm 
Detachable bell:Standard
Bell ring:Special bronze, for long life and durability
Bell:Traditional medium taper
Possible optional finishes:Lacquered, silver-plated, gold-plated
Other options:Adjustable Dürk pinky hook., Dürk hand rest (flipper), additional water key (specify location), different bell flares, engraved nickel-silver bell garland (engraving available only on detachable bell flares), F-extension, installed as a crook at the stopping valve
Hand-hammered options:Hand-hammered bell tail, hand-hammered bell flare (available only on detachable bell flares)

All horns are priced without a case. Gig bags cases are available: Marcus Bonna, Cardocase, Bags, and others.