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Radek Baborák


"The D3 Signature Series is a horn for all occasions. With it, I can imitate the sound of a natural horn. When I play on the F side, no one will notice that I’m not playing a French hunting horn, because I can make it sound equally brassy, brutal and aggressive. But I can also imitate the mellow Viennese horn sound on it. I can get a broad, German sound with it for Brahms or Bruckner, and also play modern pieces with all sorts of different timbres and effects. Baroque music also sounds wonderful played on it. Yes, this is definitely the horn to have."


Extract of the interview of the

"D3 Signature Series Radek Baborák" brochure

Dale Clevenger


"Congratulations Steve Lewis and Dietmar Dürk on the fantastic achievement, the new Lewis & Dürk model "LD CLEVENGER". I own and play occasionally a 100 year old CF Schmidt Horn and have played it for over 50 years. It still plays wonderfully! The "LD CLEVENGER" is so very similar to my horn, I can not believe how fine it sounds and plays. Dozens of horn makers have for many years tried to copy my original Schmidt. None have come close to the success you have achieved. I am really enjoying this fantastic horn!"

Very sincerely, Dale Clevenger

Marc Gruber


"I am very happy to have found my Dürk Horn! It is a very precise instrument, very balanced by all the layers; there are no "sick" tones. But much more important is the golden, soft tone, which gives me so many possibilities tob e formed and which stays full and round up to the fortissimo."

Translated by DürkHorns

Ville Hiilivirta

Principal Horn, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra


Winner of the International Holger Fransman Horn Competition

"The Dürk D3 Double Horn is my instrument of choice because of its beautiful sound, superior craftsmanship and versatility."



Trompas Lusas. Oporto Symphony Orchestra. University of Aveiro


“Estou muito contente com a minha D3. É um instrumento muito completo, versátil, preciso e muito bem construído. Demonstra uma fantástica capacidade de projeção, grande amplitude de dinâmicas e cores sonoras. A resposta do instrumento é rápida e muito precisa e isso é fundamental para um instrumentista atual. D3 é a minha trompa para as minhas atividades como solista, em orquestra ou música de câmara. Saudações para toda a equipa Dürk!”


"I am delighted with my D3 Horn. It is a very complete instrument, versatile, precise and very well built. It shows a fantastic projection capability, wide dynamics range and sound colors. The response of the instrument is fast and accurate and this is critical for a modern player. D3 is my horn to my activities as a soloist, as orchestral player and chamber music. Greetings for the entire Dürk Horns team."


Trompas Lusas, freelancer and teacher.


“Quando toquei na minha trompa Dürk D3 pela primeira vez senti que com esta trompa ia conseguir melhorar alguns aspetos na minha performance. É muito fácil tocar com este instrumento, o som é impressionante e tem um bom equilíbrio em todos os registos. Obrigado Dürk Horns por esta fantástica trompa.”


“When I played with my Dürk horn D3 for the first time I felt that this horn could help me in some aspects of my performance. It is very easy to play with this horn, the sound is awesome and well-balanced in all registers. Thank you Dürk Horns for this fantastic horn.”


Trompas Lusas, freelancer and horn teacher at Universidade do Minho.


“Eu toco em Dürk Modelo D3 e estou muito satisfeito com a minha escolha. A D3 evidencia um fantástico potencial sonoro, bem como uma enorme riqueza tímbrica. É uma trompa que me fascina pela sua versatilidade na conceção estilística e pela confiança que me transmite. Quero felicitar toda a equipa Dürk Horns pelo excelente trabalho.”


"I play in Durk Model D3 and am very pleased with my choice. The D3 reflects a fantastic sound potential and enormous tone richness. It is a horn that fascinates me for its stylistic versatility and for the confidence that gives me. I congratulate all Durk Horns team for the excellent work."


Trompas Lusas, freelancer and teacher.


“The best reason to play horn”

Annamia Larsson


Stockholm Chamber Brass / Gävle Symfonieorkester


"I love the warm and clear sound of my handhammered Dürk D3- there is a beautiful response in all registers that makes playing the horn even more fun!"

Levente Varga

Orchestre Symphonique de Quebec (Principal Horn)


"I would like to thank Mr. Dürk and his team for making such a beautiful horn. Barely after my new LD CLEVENGER model arrived, I felt an instant connection with the instrument almost right away. By just looking at the amazingly high quality craftsmanship, I could feel from the very beginning that this horn is going to be something very special. Among all its positive features such as evenness in all registers, very good intonation, immediate response, the sound of it is just something that I am truly amazed by. It is the horn sound I always wanted, the horn sound which I always had in my imagination. A beautiful opened sound with rich overtones, very good focus and brilliance, yet it has enough warmth and depth at the same time. It gives me the possibility to be able to make a lots of different colors easily, and to be able to match other sections so well in the orchestra. Playing this horn is just pure joy. I am very thankful for it and looking forward to play a lots of great music with it."

Bartosz Duchnowski

Polska Orkiestra Sinfonia Iuventus


„From the first note I have felt in love with Lewis&Dürk Clevenger model! Wonderful, outstanding sound and amazing gentle, incredibly smooth legato connecting with ease and even responses throughout all registers makes that instrument a real masterpiece! Many thanks to Mr Dietmar and Mr Steve for a such great horn. Pure pleasure to play!”

Luís Sousa

Jalisco Philharmonic Orchestra


"This D3 Horn model, is really something very special, years of work and research sharply reflected in the final product. My feeling after a year of having the D3 is the same as the first time I play it, I had a feeling that I spent many years in heavy "vehicles"! What I have discovered and discovered every day in this horn is the potential for response with regard to working in orchestra whatever the position from the chair of 10 horn very low to the chair of the 1 horn with many solos and other register, this horn really helps this job. The feeling is always refreshing! And a lot more could comment on this superb horn, I strongly recommend to try and who knows get a wonderful D3!"

Dr. Nicholas A. Kenney


Assistant Professor of Horn at Southeast Missouri State University


"I have played the LDx5 for 3 years and have yet to find a horn that has the combination of sound and ease in all registers like it. As a freelance horn player who is called upon to play in every genre from woodwind quintet to musical theater and even Jazz… the LDx5 has proven to be capable of all that I have thrown its way… and probably much more!! Thanks so much for this amazing instrument!"



Raphael Seefelder


"Mit besten Grüßen auch an Dietmar Dürk: Nach 2 Jahren könnte ich mit meinem D3 nicht zufriedener sein - ich habe noch kein besseres Horn gespielt. Jeder Hornist, der mein D3 bisher getestet hat, teilte diese Meinung. Es klingt wunderbar, ist wirklich ein Stück Kunsthandwerk und gibt vor allem absolute Ton- und Intonationssicherheit, besonders bei Soloauftritten, im Holzquintett und Kammerorchester, aber auch in großer sinfonischer Besetzung. Auch als Natur- oder reines F-Horn ist es uneingeschränkt einsetzbar, da alle Naturtöne sitzen. Kurz gesagt: Mein D3 gibt mir die volle künstlerische Freiheit. Vielen Dank für dieses Horn!"

Andrew London


Dear Mr. Duerk,


I recently competed in the kuring-gai concerto competition, a prestigious competition for high-school aged musicians. I came second and am the first brass player ever to win a prize in this competition (it's been running for 31 years). The judges complimented me on my tone and unique voice, and I feel like this was made possible by the D3 Horn I purchased from you late last year. Thank you again for making me such a beautiful instrument. It has inspired me to become a better musician.


Kind regards from Sydney, Australia,


Andrew London

Raül Garrido


The Horn D3 has a really nice sound in both forte and piano. This Horn makes me feel confident when I am playing because of its intonation in all registers and playability. Congratulations!!! Raül Garrido

Michelle Stuart

about the IHS Memphis 2013


"Hello Dietmar,

Thank you so much again for all of your help in assisting me to choose a French horn at the Symposium! It was simply wonderful to meet you!

Here is the picture I promised, it was taken at a Chamber Winds Retreat in Eagle Creek, OR. Thought you'd get a kick out of it.

Thanks so much, and I hope the end of summer finds you well!

Sincerest regards,

Michelle Stuart"

Wilhelm Schwaiger
Solohorn Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg Mitarbeiter

"Sehr geehrter Herr Dürk,

vielen Dank für das ausgezeichnete Instrument, welches ich von Ihnen erhielt. Nach 20 jähriger Berufserfahrung kann ich Ihnen sagen: Ich hatte noch nie ein Instrument in Händen welches so ausgezeichnet handwerklich gearbeitet war. Diese perfekte Ansprache und Intonation über den gesamten Tonumfang hatte ich noch bei keinem der Hörner, die bis jetzt in meinem Besitz waren. Ich habe Ihr Instrument sofort und ohne Vorbereitung im Sinfoniekonzerten eingesetzt und war restlos begeistert. Auch von Kollegen, dem Publikum und von Dirigenten kamen ausschließlich positive Reaktionen. Herzlichen Dank und weiterhin alles Gute für Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter"


Danilo Stagni
Principal Horn at La Scala di Milano

Arturo Nogues

Principal Horn“Orquesta Sinfónica del Gran Teatro del Liceu” de Barcelona.

It was curiosity that made me try this instrument and I loved it. I was surprised by the color of its sound, by the easiness of the legato, and by its tuning.

The sound is full, beautiful and pure, with prevailing ease of execution. It is very flexible and the most surprising thing is its response in forte,  precise and well-tuned even in the high range. With this instrument, my sound is well suited to the orchestra’s sonority.”

Thank you so much. Arturo.

Lydia Busler-Blais

Horn Soloist & Lyric Improvisationalist, Modern & Chamber Musician with the Starlight Horn Duo and Heritage Brass


"I am not a fickle with horns. As a soloist and improvisationalist, I demand more color, nuance, complexity, and flexibility from a horn than most players. As a principal hornist, I also need power and accurancy. I regularly have my pick of a large number of wonderful horns because I am the Exhibit Coordinator/Vendor Liaison for the Northeast Horn Workshops, so I must try them all. I had not purchased a horn in many years that could meet my requirements for coloration, subtlety, and the power to get to the back of the hall without hitting a wall on stage. When I got to test the LDx5 in a performance of Titanic, I was in love. I ordered my own right away with a hand-hammered bell. Yes, I so love and value my LDx5 that I named this horn Wotan :-). "

Lisa Ford

Principal Horn, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

"The bold collaboration of these two master craftsmen has resulted in a fantastic instrument with a great sound. It is a joy to play!" -Lisa Ford 

Gerald L. Welker

Principal Horn, United States Air Force Academy Band


"Thank you very much for my LDx7! The horn is not only beautifully crafted, but it creates such a "buttery" smooth sound. My section is very happy with the response we have received, both during live performances and CD recordings.

As a soloist, I depend on a horn that will compliment my sound and make my job easier. The LDx7 is that for me. Having also owned your model D4 and the LDx5, I can say that I have been extremely pleased with each horn. They are consistent in their quality and I will continue to endorse these horns. "

Oscar Sala Minguet

Principal Horn at Granada City Orchestra (Spain) and Professor of Horn Orchestral-Repertoire at the High School of Music in San Sebastian


"The sound of the LDx5 is warm, balanced, centered, easy and very beautiful. It is a horn with a wonderful tuning and projection in big concert halls, and from big balance and versatility in the chamber music. To discover the LDx5, is to enjoy every day with music..."

Oscar Sala Minguet

"Cálido, igualado,centrado,fácil y muy bonito" es el sonido de la LDx5. Es una trompa con una gran definición y proyección en las grandes salas de concierto, y de gran dulzura y versatilidad en música de cámara. Descubrir la LDx5, es disfrutar cada día de la música..."

Oscar Sala Minguet

"Der Klang des LDx5 ist warm, ausgeglichen, zentriert, leicht und wunderschön. Es ist ein Horn mit einer großartigen Stimmung und Projektion in den großen Konzerthallen und von großer Wärme, Ausgeglichenheit und Balance sowie Vielseitigkeit in der Kammermusik. Das LDx5 zu entdecken, heißt jeden Tag mit der Musik zu genießen..."

Oscar Sala Minguet

Thomas Ekman

Copenhagen Philharmonic & Athelas Sinfonietta

It’s a wonderful horn with an impressive, beautiful, warm sound, and it’s very even between the Bb side and the high-F side.


Thomas Ekman

James Wilson

Utah Symphony/Utah Opera

"I am a long-time professional, having played principal horn in a full-time symphony orchestra (the Florida Orchestra in Tampa Bay), and holding a fourth-horn position in the summer Santa Fe Opera festival. This fall I am moving on to the Utah Symphony. Outside the orchestra, I also play quite a bit of solo and chamber music in recital.

I need a horn of the highest quality to meet these demands, and over the years I have owned and played several.

With the LDx5 intonation has never been at issue in ensemble, blend with winds and brass in orchestral and chamber music is easy, a wide range of colors is possible, and my colleagues comment upon its "sheer beauty of sound".

This is an instrument that can do anything, and it has the quality and character of sound that I choose as my voice on the horn. This instrument sings! I can easily recommend the LDx5 to any professional or student and know that they will find it to be one of the best horns they've ever played."

Vicent Berbegal Coloma
Horn Specialist at Sanganxa Music Store and Principal Horn of the Chamber Orchestra of Valencia


"He encontrado en la trompa Dürk D3 sensaciones nuevas que hasta ahora no había encontrado, pero sobre todo y lo mas importante es que he encontrado en ella mucha comodidad."
Un fuerte abrazo, Vicent Berbegal

"I have found in the horn Dürk D3 new sensations that till now I had not found, but especially and the most important thing is, that I have found in it great comfort."

A big hug, Vicent Berbegal    

Miska Miettunen

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra


"After a long search I found it: a horn for life!"

Mika Paajanen

Principal Horn, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra 

Charlotte O`Connor

2nd Horn Columbus Indiana Philharmonic Orchestra


"I needed a new horn to take my playing to a higher level. After trying out many horns, I chose a LDx5 because of its rich, full tone and eveness throughout all registers."

Thomas Cederstrand

Gothenberg Opera, Sweden

"I am very pleased with my D4. The horn responds really well and projects even better." --Thomas Cederstrand

Jeppe Rasmussen

Danish Philharmonic Orchestra


The shear beauty of sound, the fantastic projection, the confidence-inspiring high register, the ”meaty” low notes, the easy response and precise intonation and its ability to go from an almost inaudible ppp to a cut-throat fff in an instant makes the LDX5 a joy to play. If the horn has limits I have yet to find them...

Thanks to Mr. Dürk and Mr. Lewis for a truly wonderful instrument.

Nico van Vliet

Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest


 After 40 years of orchestral playing, I have finally found the real sound.

Aviram Freiberg

Haifa Symphony Orchestra


I really like the D4 and for me, it's the best French horn. I loved the instrument from the very first note I played on it, and I really didn't check around much further, since I was convinced that this was the perfect instrument for me. I have been proven right and am very happy with the horn.

Mr. Abe , Principal Horn

Saito Kinen Orchestra

"Soft and well-balanced sound in all registers. Quick response in spite of its weight is magnificent." Thank you very much for my fantastic LDx5!

Cecilie Lindflaten



I`m very very happy with my instrument!! And I have got only positive response from the other horn players who have tried it.

Best greetings, Cecilie

Guntis Kronitis

Principal Horn, National Armed Forces Staff Orchestra, Latvia 

Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

Complete horn section plays Dürk Model D3

I´m very satisfied with my fantastic instrument and send you all the best from my colleges in Uppsala chamber orchestra.


Nice picture :-) All Dürk!

Take care!!

Björn Eriksson

Astrid Marie Eek

Forsvarets Musikkorps Vestlandet, Sweden


I had a great, but rather challenging day, visiting your workshop and choosing my new horn. Thanks a lot for your time and help, and for your excellent service throughout the process! So far, I'm very happy with my Dürk horn. It suits me well, and I have also received nice comments on my choice. Hopefully, we will live together happily ever after.

Tommi Viertonen

Solist of the Finnish National Opera Orchestra 

Pasi Pihlaja

Solist of the TAPIOLA SINFONIETTA, Finnland 


Cristina Rodriguez



"I liked it so much while testing the horn in Tuscaloosa that I had to buy it! It's very easy to play in all registers." --Cristina

Richard Burdick about his D3

Principal Horn, Regina Symphony Orchestra


"what a wonderful horn! I have never played a better horn than Mr. Dürk's D3! This is the first horn I have ever just had to buy & the first horn that I ever bought brand new. It's fabulous!"

Derek J. Wright

French Horn Performer/Teacher PHOENIX/USA

Derek J. Wright is an experienced French horn player and teacher. He is currently pursuing the Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Arizona State University. He holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Minnesota and a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Illinois.


Derek has previously played with the Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Symphony, the American Wind Symphony Orchestra, the University of Minnesota Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble, the University of Illinois Wind Symphony, the Burgos Chamber Music Festival Brass Quintet (Spain), the Riverside Winds of Minneapolis, and the Green Street Brass Quintet.

Mr. Lennart Stevenson and Pelle Pettersson

Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Sweden


"Greetings from two happy Dürk D3 horn players in Uppsala chamber

orchestra, Sweden. Lennart Stevenson, to the left, is so happy he can't

stand still while the photo is taken.

We are both very satisfied with our horns and everyone that tries them

seems to be strangely envious. It is a very good horn!

Hope to see you in Stockholm soon.


Pelle Pettersson"

Gerald Loren Welker Jr.

Principal Horn, The United States Air Force Academy Band

The LDx5 is a pleasure to play. Response of articulation, purity of tone, and possibilities of exquisite artistry are recognized after only a short time with the horn. Both the B-flat and F side are very well balanced, and intonation is right on the button.

The design is smart, and the craftsmanship is, in my opinion, unmatched. I believe that anyone who is serious about rising to the next level of artistry on our instrument should definitely give this horn a test drive.

My compliments to Dietmar and Steve...a work of art.

Radu Rusu

Belmont University

Both a professional performer and teacher, Mr. Rusu has performed in various orchestras including: Nashville Symphony Orchestra (Assistant 1st Horn), Atlanta Opera, Atlanta Ballet, Columbus Symphony Orchestra and Greenville Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, 'Transilvania' National Philharmonic Orchestra (Romania), 'George Enescu' National Philharmonic Orchestra and 'Virtuosos of Bucharest' Chamber Orchestra (both in Bucharest), Atlanta Symphony, and the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. His professional teaching experience includes teaching at Middle Tennessee State University, the University of Alabama and Bowling Green State University.

Phillip Haase 



When I first played a Durk it was totally new in that it did all things well, and for the first time I felt the horn was helping me to play, not fighting me. Eight months later when I tried another Durk it was just as magic if not more, as I had really advanced my playing in those 8 months. I purchased the D4 and every day has been incredible since. I feel that every challenge and mistake is my own doing, as the horn is trying so hard to get to me to play well. The top is wonderfully ‘notchy’ and trills just jump out of the bell. The F and Bb sides are so evenly matched that I can choose fingerings without consequences. The low end is free and wonderful and in one short month  I have now achieved two notes lower than before,  moving my range 4-5 notes into the pedal range. The Durk has been wonderful each time I pick it up and constantly amazes me with its ease of play. I truly believe that the Durk will provide a lifetime of horn perfection and with all my luck it will take a lifetime and a day to perfect the playing of it.

Phillip Haase - Paris

Microsoft – Europe, Middle East, Africa

Member De La Lyre Amicale De Poissy

Studying with John Lepoultier

David Goldklang

New World Symphony


"Hey Scott,

It was good meeting you and Dietmar at the workshop. As I'm sure you're aware, I bought a yellow brass D4 and I just finished registering it on the web site. Obviously I really like the horn, but the deciding factor was the sound - it is so bright and resonant." ---David

(Photo extracted from David's Website. David is first row right. This is a photo of the Quadre Horn Quartet.)

Ulrik Lysebo
Student, Norway


"I have now been playing on my new D3 horn for almost 8 months, and I just want to thank you for building such a fantastic horn! I love playing on it, and it has given me even more pleasure to play horn.

I am now convinced that I want to become a professional hornplayer. After I finish 3 years on the musician-line here in Sandefjord, then I'm going to audition for Gothenborg Music High-school. I just want to say that this is a horn that my teacher wants. So thank you again for the horn!" --Ulrik Lysebo




Hong Kong Sinfonietta

Orchester der Bayreuther Festspiele

Metropolitan Opera New York

Frankfurter Opern- und Museumsorchester

Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

Philharmonisches Orchester Rotterdam

Florida West Coast Symphony

Haifa Symphony Orchestra

Orchester der Finnischen Nationaloper

Musei Civici Veneziani

Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra

New World Symphony Orchestra

Aarhus Symphony Orchestra Denmark

Santa Fe Opera Orchestra

Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg

Tokyo Symphony Orchestra

Swedish Armed Forces Marine Band

Tapiola Sinfonietta Finnland

Alabama Wind Ensemble

Niederländisches Ballettorchester

University of South Carolina

Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Tampere Philharmonia Orchestra

Staatsoper Stuttgart

Göteborg Opera Orchestra

Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt

Samara State Opera Orchestra

Staatsorchester Rheinische Philharmonie

The North Carolina Symphony Orchestra

Sinfonieorchester Wuppertal

Dolomiti Symphonia Orchestra

University of Oklahoma Symphony Orchestra

Antalya State Opera

Fayetteville Symphony

Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra

Regina Symphony Orchestra

Philharmonisches Orchester Münster

Saito Kinen Orchestra Japan

Mason Symphony Orchestra

Schwedisches Nationalorchester Göteborg

The Florida Orchestra

Uppsala Chamber Orchestra

Airforce Band of Liberty

Malmö Symphony Orchestra

Trieste Teatro „G. Verdi” Orchestra

Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

Illinois Symphony Orchestra

Hershey Symphony Orchestra